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Meet The AI

Content Suggestions

Our platform offers content suggestions based on each user’s individual needs, allowing students to get the most out of their education. Depending on the user's study pattern, Revisable provides relevant Youtube Videos and MCQs

We have an ever-growing library of resources, from reading recommendations to video tutorials. Our mission is to help students reach their full potential and develop the skills they need to succeed.

Study Scheduling

 We strive to make learning easier and more enjoyable through innovative and personalized study scheduling. Our study scheduling algorithm ensures that students can easily manage and keep track of their studies while also motivating them to stay on track. 

We have developed a comprehensive study scheduling system that allows our users to plan out their study goals, create a personalized plan, and manage their progress.

Content Automation

Revisable is the perfect solution for modern educators who want to save time while still providing high-quality content. Our proprietary content automation system is designed to help teachers quickly and easily create, edit and deliver educational content.

We do this by utilizing a wide range of data sources, including textbooks, videos, articles and interactive quizzes, to generate engaging and effective educational content. Our aim is to make learning easier and more enjoyable for both teachers and students.

Study app with AI and ChatGPT
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