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Free & fun way to prepare for exams with AI


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Free, Fun and Effective.

Simplify your exam preparation with the Smart Flashcards, Test Series, Revision Videos and Artificial Intelligence. 

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Study smarter with AI tools

AI can solve question papers, answer doubts, & create flashcards or MCQs on any subject.

Powered by ChatGPT-4

Featuring India's first AI tutor

Flashcards, MCQs and Videos

With subject-oriented performance analysis and report cards.

Performance-based learning.

Smart algorithm boosts retention

Professionaly vetted content


every week

New courses,
every week

The all-in-one platform to study high-yield content, curated by industry professionals.




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Rapids by Revisable

  • How is Revisable Different?
    Revisable uses a blend of Artificial Intelligence (powered by ChatGPT 4.5) and a proprietary algorithm to maximise the exam preparation and revision potential of users. Our AI can create Flashcards and Test series on any subject/chapter of your choice, and can also solve any question paper in the world. Ruby Chat is an AI powered chatbot designed to help students with their doubts.
  • Is Revisable AI paid?
    All the content on our exam preparation app is completely free of charge and will always remain so. To extend and utilise all the features of the most advance AI in education, users can opt to pay for Revisable Pro.
  • What are the courses currently available on Revisable?
    Medical courses include:- NEET UG, NEET PG, MBBS, USMLE, PLAB, BDS and more. Finance courses include:- CFA, CPA, FRM, CAIA, etc. New courses get uploaded every week!
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